Small Classes

The snob appeal or effect arises when the rich prefer buying goods that can be obtained cheaply at an expensive price. To such people, the more expensive a good or service is, the better it is and they prefer the costly one than a cheaper alternative. The snob appeal occurs in most places in life, and is not limited necessarily to goods and services only. In the universities, in hospitals, in the kind of luxuries in people's houses and so on, people have found a way of making sure the snob appeal is evidenced in everything.

In the universities, where I belong, I have witnessed students from various backgrounds, but what we all agree on despite our different backgrounds is that students need to be comfortable in their places of study. Many universities, especially those that offer Module II programs (parallel programs) and private universities have a problem with student numbers, and this ultimately affects the class numbers. It is very unfortunate, but it is true that education has been commercialized today. People start universities and other institutions of learning, not because they want to offer quality education but because they feel convinced it can help them get rich.

In such universities it is almost impossible to stop the number of students who want to join the institution because such institutions are money oriented. This causes congestion as the learning environment, which in most cases is the class or Lecture Theater will turn out to be small; this compromises the standard of education received in such institutions and the comfort thereof. Naturally, the snob effect will not and indeed can't be felt in such places as the rich will opt for better places. I have written numerous custom essays on the same issue, and I would like to appeal to all those working in writing services companies to join me in sensitizing our beautiful world against this cash hungry conmen who are jeopardizing the quality of our future.